The Sleekest Modern Cat Wall Furniture. $20 off at checkout today!

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The Sleekest Modern Cat Wall Furniture.
$20 Off At Checkout Today!

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Corner Cat Cave
Corner Cat Cave
Corner Cat Cave
Corner Cat Cave
Corner Cat Cave
Corner Cat Cave
Corner Cat Cave
Corner Cat Cave
Corner Cat Cave
Corner Cat Cave
Corner Cat Cave
Corner Cat Cave
Corner Cat Cave
Corner Cat Cave
Corner Cat Cave
Corner Cat Cave

Corner Cat Cave


Transform your home into a feline paradise with our Cat Wall Mounts for Indoor Cats! Maximize space, satisfy climbing instincts, and enhance decor with the stylish CatLuxe Corner Cat Cave. Order now!

  • Sleek and Modern Design
  • Easy and secure wall installation.
  • 3 different Color Options
  • Premium materials ensure durability.
  • $20 Discount at Checkout for a Limited Time

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Unique Features

Stylish Corner Cat Cave, sturdy yet cozy, offers lasting comfort. Simple wall-mount installation, chic design, and plush interiors create a safe haven for your feline friend.



You can arrange the cat wall shelves to create a dynamic climbing environment tailored to your cat's needs and your creative thaoughts.


Premium Materials

Crafted from durable and sturdy materials, our cat Cave and steps ensure longevity and stability. The soft felt steps and cozy cotton pad provide a comfortable climbing experience.


Stylish Design

Choose from three color variations – black, white, or gray – to seamlessly integrate our cat wall furniture set with your home decor for all occasion.


Easy Installation

Our cat wall perch comes with two steps and matching felt, making installation simple and secure. The included cotton pad in the cube adds extra comfort.

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Discover the epitome of feline luxury with CatLux's premium cat furniture. Crafted for comfort and style, our products seamlessly blend into your home, ensuring your pet's happiness and your decor's sophistication.


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Let your cat's imagination run wild in a fantasyland of comfort and exploration with CatLux Haven. Crafted to blend seamlessly with your decor, this haven ensures your pet's happiness and your home's elegance.


Why Choose Us

At CatLuxe, we're dedicated to enriching your cat's lifestyle, offering premium products and tailored assistance at every turn. Your cat's happiness is our priority.

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What Our Pet Parents
Have To Say

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Sarah Thompson

"My cat absolutely adores the CatLux Corner Cat Cave! It's become his go-to spot for lounging, and it looks fantastic in our living room."


Mark Anderson

"CatLux's cat wall mounts are a game-changer for my kitties. They love climbing and exploring the shelves, and I love how it adds a modern touch to our home decor."

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Jessica Lee

"I couldn't be happier with my purchase from CatLux. The cat furniture is stylish, durable, and provides endless entertainment for my cats. Highly recommend!"


Michael Rodriguez

"CatLux's cat climbing wall is a hit in our household! It's well-made, easy to install, and our cats haven't stopped playing on it since we set it up."


Elevating Pet and Home Happines

CatLux's cat furniture enhances both pet and owner satisfaction. Designed for comfort and style, our products provide cats with stimulating environments while seamlessly integrating into your home decor.

CatLux's products promote feline well-being through secure, comfortable spaces  that reduce stress and anxiety.

Our sleek designs elevate home aesthetics, offering functional pet accessories that complement any decor.

CatLux's fosters deeper connections between pets and owners, creating moments of joy and companionship in everyday life.