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Corner Cat Cave

Corner Cat Cave

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Cat Wall Mounts for Indoor Cats: The cat wall shelves are a great way to maximize your living space, they can be arranged in various configurations to suit your cat's climbing preferences; Whether your cat is a climber, likes to jump, or lounge, our cat wall platform set can accommodate it all

Easy Installation: The cat wall perch comes with two cat wall steps with matching felt, making it easy to install on any wall; The cat wall shelves for cats are designed to hold up securely while the unique cube comes with a cotton pad, providing a safe and cozy space for your pet

Stylish Climbing System: With three color variations to choose from: black, white, or gray, the sleek design of the cat wall furniture set blends seamlessly with your home decor; Create a cat stair wall while providing a fun and engaging cat wall bridge

Premium Materials: The cat wall perch and wall mounted steps are made of durable and sturdy materials; The felt steps are soft and comfortable, while the box provides a cozy spot to place the cat bed

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  • Cat-Wall-Mounts-for-Indoor-Cats.png__PID:9ba8f717-f19e-4d37-ad2a-9f7fab8988b6

    Customizable Configurations

    Arrange the cat wall shelves to create a dynamic climbing environment tailored to your cat's needs.

  • Easy-Installation.png__PID:a8f717f1-9efd-47ad-aa9f-7fab8988b69d

    Easy Installation

    Our cat wall perch comes with two steps and matching felt, making installation simple and secure. The included cotton pad in the cube adds extra comfort.

  • Premium-Materials.png__PID:f717f19e-fd37-4d2a-9f7f-ab8988b69d9b

    Premium Materials

    Crafted from durable and sturdy materials, our cat wall perch and steps ensure longevity and stability. The soft felt steps and cozy cotton pad provide a comfortable climbing experience.

  • Stylish-Climbing-System.png__PID:72b3bb72-5868-4917-ad9b-aaa2b6ee2025

    Stylish Design

    Choose from three color variations – black, white, or gray – to seamlessly integrate our cat wall furniture set with your home decor.

Customer Reviews

Based on 24 reviews
Yoshimi House
So cute!

My cat immediately fell in love with it.

Isabella Walker

My kitty loves sleeping in the box. Its been a great addition to his side of the room

Lily Moore

Decently priced and good quality wall perch

Grace Thompson

Sleek Design which is different from the other cat wall perches on the market

Mia Davis

I realized it would only fit in the corner after I got it so I installed in the corner of my basement. It ended up fitting and my cat likes lounging there.

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